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Photos: Remembering Our Pets 2018

We were proud to host the 7th annual “Remembering Our Pets” in observance of National Pet Memorial Day, September 2018. The event was well attended, in spite of recent heavy rains and associated flooding in the downtown area that caused the Ironman Triathlon organizers to move their bike route around our venue. Approximately 50 pet lovers came together to commemorate our beloved pets who are no longer with us. Our event was shortened, but it was an impactful and heartfelt meeting of our community.

Dr.Katie Hilst and Dr.Laura Purdy welcomed guests, shared personal memories and introduced speakers from Czar’s Promise, a volunteer organization involved in canine cancer and pediatric cancer. There were visual rememberances and verbal commemorative tributes to furry companions, and memorial rocks and forget-me-not seeds were available.


National Pet Memorial Day was created in 1972 by the International Association of Pet Cemeteries in recognition of the importance of remembering beloved lost pets.

Mark your calendar for next year – the day is always celebrated on the second Sunday in September.

Invitation to Remembering our pets sponsored September 9, 2018