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Hour Radio Interview with Dr. Katie

Janesville Community Radio interviewed Dr. Hilst for a full hour.

“Talkin’ Animals with the Crazy Katt Lady”

Today’s show has Dr. Katie Hilst, a veterinarian that specializes in home euthanasia.   We will discuss the emotions and why in-home vs. vet euthanasia is better and vice versa.

[note]Unfortunately this show is no longer available[/note]

Interview starts at about 4 minutes into the broadcast.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Why is it important to look for members of PLPA?
  • Do I need to be in the room?
  • What are my options – burial, ashes.
  • Quality – Journeys scale
  • Remembering Our Pets Events
  • Everyone’s grief is their own Journey
  • Dealing with people who don’t relate to your grief