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Journeys Home Puppy Up Pictures 2015

Had a fantastic time at Puppy Up Madison 2015. Thanks to everyone who participated in anyway.

Vet Katie Hilst holding up framed pet tributes that she walked with for Puppy Up 2015

Dog and cat tributes – we never forget our sweet pets.

I sponsored a team to walk and raise funds to support the 2 Million Dogs Foundation’s Puppy Up! Walk. The funds we raised are used for critical comparative oncology research and education. Thanks for everyone who participated – humans and dogs.

Katie in the vendor tent talking to people

Katie talking to Puppy Up participants

Cancer touches everyone at some point in our lives, whether themselves, a family member, friend or a beloved pet. Because of events like the Puppy Up! Walk we can make a difference. Through education and research the 2 Million Dogs organization is working to build healthier lives. For more information about the 2 Million Dogs Foundation and its mission, visit www.2milliondogs.org.

Dog in puppy up bandana Madison 2015

Charlie the dog visiting my Journeys Home tent


From grief to good: The story of Puppy Up!

“The story of Puppy Up!”
April 2015

Here is the link if you still want to donate donate to the cause. (My team page, my personal donation page)

If you prefer you may mail me a check directly made out to 2 Million Dogs and sent to: Katie Hilst, 313 Price Place #212 Madison, WI 53705.

Visit my team’s page!