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Photos: Remembering Our Pets 2015

We were proud to host the 4th annual “Remembering Our Pets” September 2015 with Memorial Pet Services. The ceremony coincides with National Pet Memorial Day. We honored our pets that are no longer with us, and celebrated the wonderful pets currently in our lives.

  • A short ceremony with speakers like Dr. Katie
  • Music by guitarist Steven Meyer
  • Commemorative pet tribute
  • Light Refreshments
  • Bubbles!


Our pets spend their love and their lives devoted to us. Each of our pets have blessed us with a very special relationship. By being in relationship with us, they have given their love and joy to us to share, and even though their physical bodies may be gone, the love and joy stays with us. We cherish and remember them, and share our memories today, on National Pet Remembrance Day. So today, my question is how has your pet blessed you?

– Katie’s speech (full text)


Link to past events pictures: 2014 & 2013

The day is always celebrated on the second Sunday in September.