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Puppy Up Madison 2017! Join the Journeys Team

Dogs and people walking in last year's event
For a fourth year, I’m sponsoring a team to walk and raise funds to support the 2 Million Dogs Foundation’s Puppy Up! 2017 Madison. Cancer touches everyone at some point in our lives, whether ourselves, a family member, a friend or a beloved pet. Through events like the Puppy Up! Walk we can make a difference. PuppyUp Foundation is working to build healthier lives through education and research. For more information about the Foundation and its mission, visit puppyup.org


When: 5/7/2017 Sunday 10:00 am registration (schedule) Where: McKee Farms Park – Fitchburg, WI Fee : $25.00 , Free – under 14 years old Event info: Puppy Up! Madison Event
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I would love for you to join us and my Journeys team to fight cancer. The Puppy Up! event raises funds for comparative oncology-exploring the cancers that affect humans and canines and how to defeat it. The PuppyUp Foundation awarded a $96,000 grant to the UW Madison School of Veterinary Medicine in 2015 to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of stereotactic radiation for dogs with bone cancer.

PuppyUp’s scientific objectives: Broadening our understanding of the links between human and companion-animal cancer, creating a cross-institutional collaborative platform, developing new approaches to research, and funding translational cancer studies that benefit both pets and people.


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If you prefer, you may mail me a check directly. Make out to ” PuppyUp Foundation” and send to: Katie Hilst 313 Price Place #212 Madison, WI 53705.

Let’s make the world a better place and defeat cancer! Join me on a 2-mile journey toward this goal. Last year Madison was the number one fundraising city, beating out all large cities. Let’s make Madison #1 for 3 years in a row! I am a bronze level sponsor of the event.

We always have so much fun-please do click here to see the pictures and videos from 2016, 2015 and 2014

Visit my team’s page!
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Puppy Up, dear people! Will you support me in my efforts?


Thank you in advance for your donation and support!

Puppy Up Madison’s Facebook page: click here.

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