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Videos: Remembering Our Pets 2019

A few weeks ago, we had the honor and privilege to host the 8th annual “Remembering Our Pets” event in Madison, WI in observance of National Pet Memorial Day. Despite a bit of increased traffic due to the Iron Man competition, we had many wonderful pet lovers join us once again at Olin Turville Park to commemorate those we have lost. At least 60 members of the community joined us in person, with many others sending tributes, photos, and notes to be displayed when they could not attend.

This year, we managed to take video of a few speakers at the event before opening things up to anyone who wished to speak. We offer these videos below as a sort of “digital event” for those who may have wished to join us.

Host Dr Laura Purdy, Journeys Pet

First, Dr Laura Purdy spoke about how timeless our connections are to our pets. She told a story of how over 200 years ago people experienced those same losses, and that same appreciation for the human-animal bond is so strong today. She referred to and reflected on a poem by Lord Byron which served as his dog’s epitaph.

[tvideo type=”youtube” clip_id=”R5yrEBd-PsA” loop=”false” rel=”false”]

Speaker Linda Coletti, Pet Loss Resource Center

Linda Coletti  spoke about grief and how the Pet Loss Resource Center helps process those feelings before and after losing a pet. “Grief and resilience live together.” ― Michelle Obama

[tvideo type=”youtube” clip_id=”eUGaoNrIYKM” loop=”false” rel=”false”]

Speaker Beth Viney, Czar’s Promise

Beth Viney shared her own experience with pet loss and cancer, and she explained how Czar’s Promise is working to help two-legged and four-legged members of our community when a cancer diagnosis occurs.

[tvideo type=”youtube” clip_id=”WihpoOl5f18″ loop=”false” rel=”false”]

Speaker Joan Pape, Wellness By Intention LLC

We invited those in the audience to to come up and speak a few words about the pets they have lost, and afterward we were fortunate to have the wonderful Joan Pape of Wellness By Intention close the event. She emphasized the importance of memorializing those we have lost and talked about how to cherish the bond and the memories that we shared with them.

[divider_padding] Although we do not have video of her wonderful words, we have her talk in written form for you to read – Joan Pape’s Remembering Our Pets talk 2019 (.pdf).
Closing words .pdf cover

After the presentations, there was time for everyone to read and look at the displayed pet tributes. Forget-me-not seeds were available to take home, and guests could create a memorial stone to keep.

Always both a beautiful and heartbreaking day, we appreciate everyone who has helped make this event possible. We will plan on seeing you all next year on the second Sunday in September for Remembering Our Pets 2020.

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