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It can be helpful to hear from other pet families that have been through this process with us. Read about their experiences through Google reviewsFacebook posts & reviews, and Yelp in addition to the testimonials found below.

It can be helpful to hear from other pet families that have been through this process with us. Read about their experiences through Google reviews, Facebook posts & reviews, and Yelp in addition to the testimonials found below.

I can’t say enough about Dr. Kitt Schaller and her staff. During one of the most difficult times, the Journeys’ staff was so supportive answering all my questions on the phone as I teared up. Dr. Kitt had so much compassion and patience with me while helping Sophie on her journey to the Rainbow Bridge. I was blown away by the kindness and professionalism and would recommend Journeys to anyone. Thank you for providing this service in the comfort of my home.

Katie PirkelWatertown, WI

I cannot say enough about Dr. Hilst and the rest of the staff at Journeys Home. The day I have dreaded for so long finally came. But there was tremendous comfort in the ability to say my final goodbyes, and give my final kisses, to my dog Simon AT HOME, and outside, where he always loved to be. He was the dog who always shook like a leaf during an entire appointment at a veterinary hospital, even when nothing major happened, so to be able to plan his passing at home was incredibly important and meaningful to me. Dr. Hilst treated Simon (and me!) with such care and compassion. I am forever grateful, and so very thankful that the veterinary community in Dane County and the surrounding area have this vitally important service available, performed by veterinarians who care so deeply about what they do.

Jen SteeleMadison, WI

We had such a wonderful experience with Dr. Laura. Our Ozzee was quickly sedated and totally distracted by licking the plate of Cheese Whiz. We had never fed him table food, so I am sure he was already in heaven. We have, unfortunately, been present for several euthanasias and this was the most comfortable we have been a part of. We already received his ashes which was so great (less than 24 hours!). His situation had developed so fast that we were not prepared for losing him. Thank you for your assistance with this sad situation.

Linda CoughlinNew Glarus, WI

Kit Schaller definitely found her true calling, working for Journeys Home. I absolutely know that God sent her to me and my baby girl, Pixie Sue. God knew we needed a special person, with an incredibly beautiful soul, and sent her to us, considering all the vets at at Journeys Home. I’m truly grateful for her very personal care. She made us feel like she was family from the very moment she walked through the door. I can’t possibly say enough about her and how special she is. She is absolutely, hands down, spiritually loving, truly caring, especially kind, incredibly passionate, beyond supportive, personal like family, and loved by myself and my 13 year old baby girl, Pixie Sue. Pixie Sue is my soul dog-ter, I felt it from the very moment she was put into my arms. I miss her beyond words can explain. Thank you so much Kitt for everything you did for us.

Michelle Wieser

Dr Katie, Thank you for coming to our home today to provide your services. Your kind words and actions during this very difficult time for us was so appreciated. Being able to be in a familiar environment for us and especially Tinky makes this whole process a little less stressful. It takes a special person to perform a job like this and after todays experience I can say you have found your calling. Again, thank you for the service you provide, keep up the great work, and thank you for letting our Tinky cross the rainbow bridge with dignity and peace.

Dave HoeksemaCottage Grove

Dr. Katie, I can’t thank you enough, for the day you came to my apt in Deforest and helped Bella on her journey to the Rainbow Bridge. I miss her so very much, words can’t express the pain I feel, but You were so awesome that day. Journeys Home is the only way to go for your FURBABIES. I tell people all the time, how wonderful you folks are.

Linda PaulDeforest, WI

My undying gratitude to Dr. Miranda Braithwaite for her patience, compassion, and sense of humor. She allowed us to say goodbye to our beloved Charlie in a way that allowed him to be home surrounded by those he loved. I’m so very grateful we were able to give him a gentle passing at home vs. other options. I would highly recommend Journeys Home and will continue to use them for all of my four-legged family members.

Michele BruckerMadison, WI

My recent experience with Dr. Laura could not have been any better – given the circumstances. She was caring and compassionate, and made a difficult situation as comfortable and as easy as possible. She treated my fur baby with the utmost care and respect. Thank you also to Jessica for making the initial contact and taking care of all the arrangements.

Andrea Redfield

Dr. Christine was so compassionate, kind, and understanding. At this most difficult decision, Dr. Christine was a comfort. Missi was comfortable with Dr. Christine and I know Missi went peacefully. Dr. Christine acted with a quite professionalism. Journeys Home is a remarkable service and I will full heartedly recommend to anyone that is struggling with their pet’s end of life.

Alison KnoxNorth Freedom, WI

Pets have always been a wonderful joy for our family. Lucy, the boy cat, sometimes called Lucifer was no exception. However, after almost 12 years with us his health started to decline and we decided it was his time. Because of COVID only two family members could be present during his final moment at our vet. We have always told our children that pets are always there for us and it is only right to be there for them during their final moments. That is when we reached out to Journeys Home. Dr. Kitt came to our home and not only made Lucy’s passing as pain free and peaceful as possible but she was beyond comforting to all of us. I can’t recommend this service enough when the time comes to say goodbye. I just want to say thank you to Dr. Kitt for being their for our family and Lucy.

Nicole KartmanMazomanie, WI