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It can be helpful to hear from other pet families that have been through this process with us. Read about their experiences through Google reviewsFacebook posts & reviews, and Yelp in addition to the testimonials found below.

It can be helpful to hear from other pet families that have been through this process with us. Read about their experiences through Google reviews, Facebook posts & reviews, and Yelp in addition to the testimonials found below.

My personal angel, Izzy, was assisted in her passage by a fellow angel, Laura Purdy, DVM. A rare temperate day near a vast dog park? Yes! She made a new poodle friend and ran faster than she had in years before I lay upon a blanket with her as Angel Laura facilitated a dignified, beautiful passage. I shall remain forever grateful.

Izzy's Mama FureverFriendship, WI

How wonderful it was to have this service available to us when we needed it. Our 20 year old cat, who we had for 15 years, was falling over walking as his back legs were in bad shape. It was a difficult decision we put off as long as possible. Kitt came out to the house and was wonderful. As fragile as our cat “Magnus” was, it was wonderful to not have to take him somewhere as well as not put him through the trauma of leaving the house. I just want to say thank you for your help and I’d definitely recommend this service to anyone else who needed it. The paw print that Kitt left is wonderful keepsake and will always remind us of Magnus. Thanks again!

Tim and Alta Johnson

This week I am on vacation preparing for retirement. It has given me peaceful time to reflect on my beautiful dogs; Samantha and Maverick. I walk with my dog, Peri now and feel the grace of Dr. Hilst. Sam and Maverick are at the rainbow bridge and cannot share my gift of “time” in retirement, but they were given the gift of compassion at the end of their earthly lives by Dr. Hilst. I am with grateful heart for you dear friend, an angel on the shoulders of my family.

Debi IglesiasMadison, WI

Thank you so much to Katie for making a very hard day bearable for us! Katie Hilst had so much compassion and patience with us while our precious Marley was moving onto his next adventure!

Chuck & Kim MeyersTown of Verona, WI

Thank you so much for all that you did for Rosie and for me, Dr. Katie.  I really appreciated the card that you sent.  The text of the Pet Lovers Code was also very helpful.  The last several months of Rosie’s life were not good for her or me and that made the decision extra hard.  I am remembering her sweetness more and more now though.  I can still feel her energy here, especially at meal times–she seems to want to stick around and keep me company!  And, of course, she is welcome for a long as she wants to stay.

Phyllis SamplawskiMadison, WI

Saturday, September 5 was a very sad, painful day as we had to put our beloved cat MiMi to sleep. We knew it was the right thing to do as MiMi was very ill and we suspect in pain, but there was still a terrible sense of dread as the time of the appointment approached. Yet our experience with Dr. Hawkins was all that it could be. She touched and moved MiMi with such tenderness, and responded to our questions and tears with a similar compassion. Dr. Hawkins couldn’t take away our grief, but gave us the time and space to express it openly. And all this while maintaining a safe distance due to COVID. And our final memory of MiMi, softly cuddled in a blanket with just her sweet face exposed, left us with a sense of peace. Thank you.

Marian & Eric MatthewsMadison, WI

Quintessa was our Queen, but Kitt didn’t know that. Dr. Kitt treated her like a Queen. She cared for Quintessa with the utmost respect, gentleness, patience and sweet tranquility. Kitt gave us a gift. The gift of releasing our beloved dog from her pain at our home amidst this crazy virus. We will be forever grateful for the beautiful way you cared for our girl.

Jen LaufenbergSun Prairie, WI

Thank you for everything Dr. Katie.
From first consultation to coming over during covid, for the attentive care you gave to Karma dog, the careful details with which you made her paw print and the time you spent with us… your kind words and unconditional support were invaluable to our family

Lisa, Andrew and familyCottage Grove, WI

I cannot say how pleased we were with Dr. Kitt’s loving approach to caring for Trace in his final hour. She not only comforted us but made sure Trace knew he was loved and getting the best care possible. I was hesitant to have the procedure conducted at our home but after this experience, I would not want it any other way. Thank you for making the most difficult day a bit brighter for us. We appreciate you Dr. Kitt!!

Wendy BoweMiddleton, WI

When it was time to end Yuri’s life we were Safer at Home due to COVID19. Our vet could only offer to take him from us after a goodbye in the parking lot, but thankfully Journeys Home was still operating in-home services. I can’t imagine how difficult it would have been without them. Yuri greeted Dr. Laura with the last tail wags he gave to anyone, and sweet talked his way into her bag of cat treats. We fed him treats while she gave a sedative and I don’t think he felt a thing. He fell asleep beside us, and I don’t think he felt an ounce of fear, anxiety, or pain. It was the best goodbye we could hope for. Thank you so much for the important work you do!

Sabrina V.
Madison, WI