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Joan Bazan
Our Dog, more like the one kid who actually never talked back much and rarely asked for money, almost made it to 14 years old. He was a big boy but age has gotten to him. He had to put him to sleep, but we wanted to do it at home so Buddy would be in his own home. He put his head on my lap an my husband and I pet him until he fell into his deep sleep. It was very calm and peaceful for him and us. I wish I could tell you the name of the Vet that came over, but everything was kind of a blur. She was so great. She helped us through the whole thing. She gave us time to grieve. They can take the body and cremate it & they have various packages. We had a place to bury him so we were fine. She also made a paw print for us, which was great! I can not say enough good things about Journey Pet euthanasia.