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Lori Weber

I’m so grateful that a friend of mine told me about Journeys Home. I was very distraught over the fact that my veterinarian’s office would no longer come to your home for euthanasia services. My elderly kitty, Moses, was getting close to the end of his journey, and I was dreading having to take him to the clinic to help him transition.

Dr. Christine made a heartbreaking experience as peaceful as possible, and I will be forever grateful that they offer this service. My only regret is not knowing about Journeys Home earlier.

Jenn Weitzman

What an amazing service this is. A vet had recommended them years ago when our last dog had cancer and was in pain, and I was so impressed with them. So I called again when my current dog was going downhill fast and it was time.

Dr. Laura came and was so amazing. She made me feel so comfortable and relieved and confident that my decision to let my boy go was the correct one. She was great with him too, and took great care to make sure his passing was easy and peaceful. incredibly professional and personable.

They made a very tough moment so much easier. And my boy was sent on his way with no anxiety, in his home, surrounded by his family.

Eri Anders

Perfect. From the moment we decided to let our 13 year old black lab (Mya) go, I was an emotional wreck. I knew it was the best thing I could do for her, but it still hurt my heart. I knew Mya HATED going to the vet and doing so would cause her anxiety and I do NOT want that to be her last emotion. SO I reached out to Journey’s home and I immediately knew this was the right decision. Laura was great in communicating with me via e-mail and Dr. Katie was amazing.

She showed up on time, was so sweet and comforting, she talked to my kids before hand so they understood what was going to happen. She was patient, professional, caring and so sweet. She did a paw print for us that we will treasure forever. She even gave me a perfectly timed hug that I needed so badly. I would highly recommend this service to anyone having to face the difficult decision to euthanize their furry friend. Mya passed peacefully in our backyard surrounded by her family, that is all I could have asked for. Thank you Journey’s Home, we will never forget what you have done for us and our beloved Mya.

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