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Introduction to Dr. Purdy’s vlog and her new certification

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In our first Video Blog, Dr Laura Purdy introduces herself and her new blog. She begins by telling us about herself and her path towards Journeys Home. She discusses a recent certification she earned and how she hopes to share the information she has gained.

Dr Purdy completed a 16-month certification course (including an on-site 3-day conference and day-long communication intensive) developed by the IAAHPC . She is now officially a Certified Hospice & Palliative Care Veterinarian. The IAAHPC (International Association of Animal Hospice & Palliative Care)  has done an incredible job of consolidating and distilling all the current information we have on hospice and palliative topics for animals.

A wide amount of information was covered by this certification program such as:

  • what science currently knows about animal cognition and emotions
  • ethical considerations surrounding end of life in pets
  • what natural death is and the stages of death
  • medical and nursing care for a wide variety of diseases that occur at end of life
  • what we can do as veterinarians
  • how we can empower pet owners to provide a comfortable environment for their pet

Finally, a large part of the program was dedicated to pain:

  • how to detect pain
  • how pain develops
  • how to treat, manage, and alleviate pain

Dr Laura’s goal is to create more of these video blogs around a wide variety of topics surrounding end of life for our pets and the animals that we love. We know that it can be very intimidating to start a discussion as a pet owner.

We hope a video blog is an approachable way to provide information and make it a little less scary to pick up the phone to speak with one of us. We are, as always, here to help.

More of our videos can be found here: Journeys Home Pet on Youtube