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It can be helpful to hear from other pet families that have been through this process with us. Read about their experiences through Google reviewsFacebook posts & reviews, and Yelp in addition to the testimonials found below.

It can be helpful to hear from other pet families that have been through this process with us. Read about their experiences through Google reviewsFacebook posts & reviews, and Yelp in addition to the testimonials found below.

Dr. Christine Nelson came to our apartment on Saturday to help our dog pass away. She was so kind and the perfect balance of caring and professional. Our dog is so afraid of strangers but she made him and us feel very relaxed and comfortable in this super uncomfortable and sad time. I seriously could not imagine a more caring person in this time of need and we really appreciate being able to send off our baby to his next life in such a comfortable situation.

Lindsay Petku
Verona, WI

Dr. Christine did an amazing job with our sweet girl, Ellie. She arrived on time, was extremely empathetic, and it was a very peaceful process overall. She assured me that I was making the right decision and that it was time. Ellie was able to remain relaxed in our home and I was able to hold her in my arms as she passed on, which meant the world to me. Thank you for everything you do and for offering this wonderful service. I will recommend Journeys Home Pet Euthanasia to all of my pet loving friends and family.

Bethany Spooner
Madison, WI

Our family could never thank you enough for the service you provide to families and the wonderful care Dr Katie Weber took of our sweet 8-year old puggle Gunner who we had to send over the rainbow bridge much too soon due to lymphoma cancer. Dr Katie made this absolutely horrible decision we had to make yesterday such a peaceful, calming and loving experience with our four legged baby in is final breaths of life. Gunner always hated to go to the vet so having this procedure done in our home where he was comfortable and at ease and our entire family could hold him and pet him as he drifted off peacefully was the best thing we could have asked for given the circumstances. Again, thank you so so very much for doing what you do!

Ally and Andy Adams
Stoughton, WI

After 17 years together it was so hard to make the decision that it was time for Bazzy to leave us. Being able to use your Quality of Life scale made it clear that the time had come. Dr. Kit could not have been more kind and compassionate. Bazzy’s last moments were as fine as the life that he lived with us. Thank you for this service, it was so good to be able to say goodbye at home, in peaceful, familiar surroundings, without pain or disruption.

Caryl and Jim
Verona, WI

From the bottom of my heart I thank Dr. Katie so much for being so gentle, loving,and natural with my baby girl, Annie, who passed away yesterday. She eased my mind in such a loving way that I was doing the right thing. That meant the world to me. I will always be grateful for Annie’s special journey home!! Thank you!

Ona and Annie
Middleton, WI

Thank you so much for helping me with my cat Sasha. Her passing was peaceful and sweet and was made so by you. I have told everyone I know how much it meant to me and what a wonderful service you provide.

I cannot express how thankful I am for the service you provide.

Jena Sebald
Monona, WI

We are very thankful this service is available. Our almost 11 yr old, 173 lb St Bernard, Teddy, had been having issues getting up off the floor for some time. After 4 days of not getting up at all, we knew it was time. Dr. Laura was very kind and loving while she helped us help Teddy in the only home he’s ever known. She helped make an emotionally hard time less stressful. We are deeply in debt for her compassion. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Phil & Linda Possehl
Pardeeville, WI

Do not hesitate to contact Journeys Pet. You will be glad that you chose this peaceful end. In my lifetime I have unfortunately had to end the suffering of several furry friends. This was the most peaceful, gentle way to do it. Junior was my soulmate and I will miss him for eternity.

Linda CampbellMadison, WI

Doing the right thing for your much loved pet is also one of the hardest things to do. It’s a heartbreaker. That said having kind, gentle and knowledgeable people who patiently listen to you when you first make that shaky, weepy phone call. Doctor Katie kindly asked me a few questions, shared her own experiences with her family pets and reassured me that I would know when the time was right.

When it came to be that time, our Lola did indeed let us know and Doctor Laura was equally wonderful. Professional, kind and warm she explained everything thoroughly. We never felt any questions were off limits. She treated us and our pet with dignity. This is an A1 operation.

Rae Martin
Cambridge, WI

Thank you for making this (QOL calculator) available to everyone. My dog, Arwen, is in end stage congestive heart failure… because of chronic coughing I have been questioning if it is time. I thought it was yesterday but the vet increased her med dose. Arwen is still eating (slightly decreased), demands her treats, harasses the family cat, signals when she needs to go outside 90% of the time and will play some. She scored a 58 today.

I will definitely be using this again to help me make a rational decision in this emotional time of our lifes. I will also ask my husband and daughter to take the questionnaire so it is not biased. We all love our pets but everyone views the progression of the disease differently. I’ve read there is never a right time. There is only a best time. It is my hope that with this tool I can make the decision before she is critical. Again, thank you so much for making it available.


Lisa Vlas
Orlando, FL