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Our cat Taffy would have been 18 years old this coming April 7th. Her other siblings all except for Cinders have already passed. She was an amazing companion and we enjoyed so many happy years together. Taffy had her Siamese streak come out once in a while – we would get a bite but all in all we could never complain about her. She never went outside of her potty box. She groomed her beautiful buff colored coat and was incredibly clean. She demanded her fancy feast twice a day and loved greenies treats. She kept me company at night when my husband was at work, the house is so quiet now. I can still hear her scratching the bedroom door with her clawless front feet. She loved her scratches and her cuddle time later in life. When she wasn’t able to jump I made her a ramp to come up by me on my recliner. Thank you to Memorial Pet Services for the care given to her after her passing and to Dr. Kasten and her staff who were amazing and gave tender loving care, both with us and Taffy. You will never be forgotten.

From: Chris Collum