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Doggos are really special creatures. They’re the only animals, in my opinion, that show the most sincere form of unconditional love. We adopted our doggo from the humane society when he was three years old, and when this 115-pound dog barreled into my parent’s car, his personality was nothing short of loyal, goofy, and loving. Taroh was extraordinary from day one. He was one of those dogs that could bring everyone together. He was just…one-of-a-kind.

He wasn’t supposed to go on the couch, but after sneaking him up one too many times, mom and dad caved. He listened to music while my parents worked. He always had a red ball in his mouth. He’d sniff his chipmunk holes daily and water the garden with my mom in hopes for a cucumber or pepper—his favorites. He loved cleaning the car with us, which isn’t easy vacuuming when you have a dog who is the furriest in the world. His mountain dog breed made him love winter, and we’d often find him asleep in the snow. And he loved giving the most slobbery kisses (mom wasn’t too happy when I taught him the word “kisses”).

Taroh turned 12 this year, which for a Leonberger is HUGE. The record, from what I can find, is 13 years old. But with old age comes complications. A few weeks ago, we found out that he had a very large tumor spreading throughout his body. It spread quick, and our furry companions know when to tell us it’s time. Recently, we said goodbye to the best companion in this world. Although our world feels a little empty right now, we have no doubt he’s chasing red balls, sniffing chipmunk holes, going on endless car rides, and basking in snow flurries. I don’t have enough words—or the right words—to describe just how amazing he was, but adopting Taroh brought more joy and laughter into our lives than we thought was possible. So tonight, if you hug your furry friend, hug them just a bit tighter and just a bit longer for us.

Our last moments with Taroh were filled with unconditional love and serenity. This never would have been possible without Dr. Laura and the services Journeys Home offers.

From: The King Family
Madison, WI