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I, and many others, had the privilege of loving my darling Antoinette for sixteen years – no amount of time would have been enough, but I’m grateful for the time I had and the good health she had for most of her life. There was so much to love and laugh at over the years: her side-eye, creeping around corners, chasing catnip mice, hours basking in the sun, curling up on my lap, sleeping on me or by my head, trying to take over my pillow with no respect for personal space, sitting on the tub’s edge to monitor all who bathed, wanting a paw on me at all times, the mid-day zoomies, her different meows that I learned to understand, and tolerating (barely) an outfit, hat, or crown for a quick photo op.

First, a story from Antoinette’s former days: Antoinette was sunbathing atop the ottoman when she became so blissed out that she didn’t realise how close to the edge she was and slid off! Her chonky body fell the 18” and landed first on her head and then onto her side with her tail straight out. She lay there a few moments confused as to how she ended up on the floor, then continued to bask in the sun’s rays without moving from where she landed. Luckily, I had recently installed a kitty cam and have the incident recorded!

Second, a story from her last moments with me: As I put Antoinette in Kitt’s car, I gave her a last kiss and cuddle and said, “I’m not quite ready to let you go.” After softly shutting the door, Kitt attempted to start the car, and it wouldn’t turn over despite having worked all day with no prior issues. Kitt said, “This must be Antoinette wanting to give you a little more time with her.” I happily took Antoinette back inside for some more cuddles until Kitt’s car was jumped, giving me another 20 minutes with my baby – which surprisingly enough, made the second time handing her off a bit easier. I really believe Antoinette was giving me those few extra minutes I didn’t know I needed.

For how horrible a day it was, I could not have asked for a better way to have helped my darling Antoinette cross over the rainbow bridge. My baby was treated with kindness, respect, and honour. I was impressed by the attentiveness to detail that “Journeys Home” has mastered in an attempt to foster a stress-free environment for all involved. For instance, when it was time to administer the last injection, Kitt brought her things over hidden under a blanket as to not upset me seeing the syringe, and when Kitt left with my baby, she drove no more than 5 mph until she rounded the corner and was out of sight – giving my baby her own funeral procession.

Kitt explained things with deep reverence and made sure we understood all that was to occur. Kitt asked permission prior to anything done even so much as to move a paw or snip her toe bean fluff for the paw impression. I never once felt rushed by Kitt, and she remained out of view and silent any time her services were not required in the moment. Kitt was patient with the multiple paw prints I wanted, and I was able to control every moment of my baby’s last day with her nestled in my arms the entire time.

I could not more highly recommend “Journeys Home” for anyone met with the unfortunate decision of letting your baby go in love and with dignity.

From: Graeson
Location: Madison