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“My name is Dakota, but, my mom only calls me Floof or Floofo. She adopted me over a year ago; I had oral cancer, which I had surgery for and severe osteoarthritis, and I was 13.5 years old. She said something like, “Seniors Rock.” I was taking tumeric, curcumin, deer antler supplements, and CBD oil for the last year. I’m pretty sure they made me feel good and I lived longer with great quality of life.

A few days ago, the cancer was back, and my almost 15-year-old body couldn’t fight it anymore. I had no more quality of life, so, my mom called Journeys Home Pet Euthanasia Service and Dr. Megan came the same day. I love her. She was so nice and caring and I got to leave this world so very peacefully.

My mom’s mission is to adopt oldies like me, maybe not have a LOT of time together, but, have QUALITY time crammed with lots of LOVE, and let us pass away HAPPY and LOVED. I like that idea. I did pretty well for myself, being a senior big girl. I am so grateful. 💖🌈🐶


From: Sue W.
Location: Rio