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Run Free Ginger! You are now running with Ruby and we are sure going to miss you. We found you through a rescue and were going to do a meet and greet in a Walmart Parking lot for Haley’s birthday back on April 24th, 2014th (day after her bday). Who knew that our meet and greet would be more like a “dump and run”; but you decided that our home was where your memories were going to be made.
Some fond memories that we shared today:

  • She loved Haley from the first time they met and Haley said “she’s perfect” (we sure hoped so since the lady left the Walmart Parking lot….)
  • Ginger always told Wayne her troubles every morning and night. She couldn’t wait for Wayne to walk in that door from work.
  • Ginger loved playing ball; well…. She sat by me and watched me throw the ball, Ruby and then Luna chase the ball, and then get her treat for “just being there”.
  • Ginger loved being outside and always had to be with her family.
  • Ginger took up a lot of the bed for just a little dog
  • Ginger thought she could outrun a snow plow (lots of screaming over the winter months)
  • On walks Ginger thought she could outrun cars… That dog!
  • Ginger could get the squeaker out of any toy no matter what the tag said. She could have been a professional squeaker tester. No toy stood a chance!
  • Ginger was always up for a good belly rub
  • Ginger loved hanging on the deck and bench and chasing the geese out back

We are going to miss you Ginger and will cherish the memories that you made for our family. You waited until all of us were home to say goodbye. Now Run Free!

From: Bonnie M.
Location: Brooklyn