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It was a sad day in May when it was time to give Bandit, our bichon-terrier mix. the grace and dignity of being at home (with his loved ones by his side, including his partner-in-crime, Tiki the siamese) to go over the rainbow bridge and join the other treasured pets who passed before him. His best friends all stopped by and he said his good byes. Dr. Katie came over; she was so amazing and made all of us feel at ease with our decision. She confirmed it was time for our best friend and companion who had been by our side for 12 + years–always wagging his tail and happy –to be at peace with no more pain and agony due to a heart murmur that took his qualify of life. He hung on for 12 months till his mistress, Holly, returned from South Africa, and he could see her once again. He loved his family of Tom, Jean, Mitch and Holly. Grandma A. and Grandma L., Judy, Paul, Emma, Kurt and Grant, who helped out always. He leaves behind his beloved Misha, along with friends Harley, Cocoa, Daisy and Stewie. His spirit and love for his family lives on in Tiki, who makes do, day by day. Bandit will never be forgotten and lives on in our hearts forever. XXOO Bandy Boy!

From: Jean Anderson