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My Carley was a rescue who had many fears to work through in her life. She came to me at approx. 2 yrs old. She was afraid of swinging doors, loud noises, raised hands, sudden movements, non carpeted floors, fireworks, thunder… pretty much everything except her cozy safe spot next to my bed. In my quiet home she thrived, despite cat “brother” who teased her. We had nearly 13 yrs together and enjoyed every moment.

After a splenic tumor was found her comfort was the top priority. Liver treats, pureed pumpkin, gourmet canned food and Frosty Paws ice cream became part of the daily treat regimen. Time caught up and she was struggling, I had to make that decision. The experience was peaceful and Dr. Kit was so caring.

I still miss Carley’s smiling face, her gentle quietness and her long back rub roles in the yard. We were good for each other and I know I have a 4 legged angel watching over me as she enjoys pain free life again. Love you Car!!

From: Cathy Barnes,
Madison, WI