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This girl. What a life. On May 1st, we said goodbye to this Ol’ Woman Wiggles (Cymry). Just devastating, no matter how much we anticipated it. While we take comfort that, if she could speak to us in English, she would’ve said thank you, it is still difficult.

Back in 2008, we thought we were looking for a puppy. But, this 2-yo Aussie mix knew what was best for us, and she caught our attention and ended up coming home with us. Boy, were we lucky! Bringing her into our family has been one of the best decisions. Such a patient, respectful, intelligent, caring gal.

Enjoy some of Cymry’s many accomplishments:

  • Inspired my passion for pet training.
  • Taught our family how important it is to listen to each other, no matter what the language barrier – she learned how to “read” us, we learned how to read her. That allowed us all to be more patient and respectful of each other. It also made her more than “just a dog.”
  • Earned her Canine Good Citizen “title.”
  • Performed agility, freestyle, and various tricks & skills at NUMEROUS events.
  • Visited nursing homes to provide comfort to residents.
  • Taught MANY new pet training apprentices how to work with a wickedly smart Aussie – Cymry attended classes so frequently that she could’ve taught the class, & when an apprentice didn’t quite do it right, she let them know.
  • Patiently interacted with puppies, helping them modify their rude behaviors.
  • Worked as a neutral dog for a ridiculous amount of private behavior consults & sessions – without her, I wouldn’t have been as successful rehabilitating these doggies.
  • Kept all our family members in line.
  • Always ready to poop.
  • Provided a comforting presence when anyone needed to vent / talk.
  • Hiked just about every park and trail within an hour of Madison.
  • Well-traveled.
  • Expert at keeping the floor clean of edible debris.
  • Connoisseur of all sorts of food. Especially baked goods.
  • Supervised me at various workplaces.

Cymry has made many friends over the years, and she will be greatly missed. We won’t find another like her, nor would it be fair to other pups to do any comparing. We are grateful for the time we got with her, no matter how short.

Cymry – There are not enough words to express how grateful we are for you. Thank you for choosing us. You enriched our lives in a way we didn’t think possible, and our family will always keep you in our hearts. We love you.

From: Ana & Tyler
Madison, WI