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Fiona Connors

Fiona, you had a a hard start in life, little kitty. The tattoo in your ear attests to the fact that you started life as a research animal. Then, you were adopted by a thoughtless young man who dumped you at his parent’s house, where, to escape a marauding dog, you climbed up into a basement heating vent and were promptly forgotten. With some tempting with tuna fish, you crawled out of that vent, an emaciated kitty who had not seen the light of day for months, straight into my heart.

I took you home to the USA and you quickly flourished into the feisty, bossy, queen of the world you were always meant to be. In true American fashion you developed a penchant for pole dancing (I have the videos to prove it!) and developed quite a foot fetish. Our antics together quickly got me branded the crazy cat lady of the neighborhood, despite the fact I was in my 30’s when this all began and I only had 1 cat. (Usually to gain admittance into those hallowed halls, you need to be at least 55 and have a minimum of 9 cats.)

While it appears that I rescued you, I think we both know who was really saved in this scenario. At the lowest point in my life, left by my now ex-husband in a foreign country seeking medical care, I reached out to find a helping hand. . .and instead found a paw. At a time I most wanted to keep my heart closed, you pushed your way in with all four tiny paws and stayed. You have been my constant, loving (sometimes infuriatingly stubborn) companion through divorce, cancer, loss of employment and more autoimmune diseases than you can shake a stick at. You are my family and the only other soul who shares my home. My day begins with your meow for food and ends with you cuddling in my lap.

The baddest of the good girls was freed from her failing body at 11:00am this morning. Later this afternoon I will transport her to Memorial Pet Services in Middleton for an attended cremation beginning at 1:30pm. I will be the last hand to touch her as she goes in and will wait there with her as she changes form. At the end of the two to three hour process I will leave with her ashes. We will be together the entire time.

I cannot fathom how I will live without you.

Find me next lifetime, little love.
We’ll look different
But the love will be the same.

From: Kathleen Connors
Madison, WI