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We said goodbye to Frodo, the bestest bunny today. He went peacefully, surrounded by love with the lingering taste of blueberries in his mouth.

The first time we met him at the Dane County Humane Society he swiped my daughter’s phone out of her pocket and tried to run off with it. He once ate a fair portion of my yoga mat. He loved to escape under the bed in the exact center where I couldn’t reach him when it was crate time. He was sweet and silly and a total love bug.

The first thing he will do across the rainbow bridge is find the love of his life, Lola. Hopefully, he has learned that grooming your one true love bald is unacceptable behavior. He may also seek out his estranged brother Sam so he can once again show him who’s boss.

Do all the binkies and eat all the berries, little man. We will miss you so much.

From: Heidi
Location: Madison