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We recently lost my soul-dog, George. We met George while dropping off dogs that we had transported to rescue. The rescue happened to be holding an adoption fair. I turned around to see my son walking three dogs. Even though we had two dogs at home, I could not say no to George. He was a Basset mix and looked like a caricature of a dog. He had never lived indoors, but became king in no time. He had so much personality and was my couch buddy. He suffered from severe cognitive decline in the end. It was very difficult to see him this way and even harder to let him go. I miss him terribly. My husband, who is a man of few words, sent out the following to my family on the day George died.

The Eulogy

George stopped pacing today. He has been walking, and circling for months now. Looking for peace… and I think, trying to find the right time to leave Denise. Such a hard thing for him to decide. How many miles has he walked? We helped him with that decision today. He made it to the end of his journey.

George was definitely the star of the show. So easy to love. Who didn’t love George? So if there is some kind of dog Valhalla. A place for the greatest dogs of all time. George is there. Running through that dog park. His big chest forward, head high, big paws flapping, with his stubby little legs bouncing behind. Seemingly unaware of his stature, or all of his faults. Those things don’t matter to George.

George was rescued. We chose him because he was so unique. A good dog for sure. But he was made a great dog by Denise’s love for him, her love for all dogs, and all animals really.

In time, I am sure, there will be another George, or Kevin, or Eddie, or maybe Albert. So someday we will have to go through this all over again. It will be then, as it is now, worth every minute, all the pain, all the joy, and every tear.

From: Geoff
Denise and family