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The day that Dr Margaret came for our appointment was one of the hardest days of my life but Hershey let me know that it was time and our journey together her on earth needed to end. Hershey was my heart dog, my soul mate. I have had several other dogs and loved each one of them, but Hershey was different. I am a Travel Nurse and he was my gypsy dog. We traveled to Richmond VA, Myrtle Beach, Gatlinburg, South FL, Galveston TX, California x 6 times, Madison WI, Fargo ND, many trips to Reno and Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas x7, back to Louisville where it all started, and back to Madison WI where our time together ended. In between all those assignments we traveled to our home for the last 10 years in the Rio Grande Valley of TX.

Hershey showed up at my house in IN where he had escaped from being tied up somewhere in September 2010. He was 5 months old. He went to school at Duffy’s Dog Training for obedience and became certified as an AKC Canine Good Citizen. When we moved to TX he became certified as a Therapy Dog through the national organization Pet Partners. He volunteered at Mission Regional Hospital where he brightened the day of patients on their Inpatient Rehab Unit. Hershey somehow learned to sense when my blood sugar was dropping and would alert me before it got dangerously low so he also became my service dog (was able because of his great obedience training he previously received).

Hershey touched the lives of so many people across this country. He just connected with people and would stare directly in their eyes with his soulful eyes. He made friends every where we we went, especially at RV parks or extended stay hotels where we would stay for several months. He even learned to be a sous chef when we stayed at a friend’s house for my contract in Louisville last year. He was immediately drawn to autistic kids when out in public and enjoyed going to schools as a therapy dog with Rio Grande Valley therapy dogs. He absolutely loved his trips to Vegas and Trav Con and is part of the Summit Medical Staffing family.

Most of all he loved his momma and always wanted to be with me, no matter where or what I was doing. He was the biggest momma’s boy. For the last several months Hershey decided he liked some little dogs, and enjoyed playing and spending time with them, so we adopted Monita from NO Kill RGV Rescue. They quickly became best friends and were always together. I really think Hershey picked Monita for me. He held on until he knew I would be ok and until Monita learned the ropes of being a Gypsy dog. She will never replace Hershey (there will never be another Hershey), but we will make our own journey. She said good bye to her brother yesterday, licked and cuddled with his body while whining (it was so touching and sad) but has not been looking for him. She knows he is gone. She took one of his stuffed animals to bed with her last night and has been laying on his blankets and bed.

Hershey would not want me to be sad, he already saw me cry enough the last few days. So I will celebrate his life and treasure all the great memories I have with him. Have a beer (or a few) and say a toast to The Best Dog Ever, because Lord knows he loved beer. I know he is now my guardian angel and will meet me at Heaven’s Gates when it is my time. For now he will run and play with all our other fur babies at the Rainbow Bridge pain free.

Cheers my precious sweet boy. Momma loves you

From: Susie W.