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Hershy (Bug)

Hershey was the kind of cat everyone wanted. She had a sweet, people-friendly, all-accepting demeanor. No matter what came to the house, it was part of her pack. She was more beagle than Tuxedo cat. 15 wonderful years of her loving on anything that came through the door – other cats, dogs, rats, finches… it did not matter.

She so enjoyed her evening outings in the back yard. Sniffing for chipmunks, occasionally catching a critter, then dropping it for fear of hurting it. Her recent mission was as an active participant on my work conference calls whenever she could manage. Not only visual appearances, but she really was drawn by female voices and so enjoys contributing. She was born from a very senior farm cat mom. She was a tiny bit of a thing. She scurried around the floor looking like a black bug, thus the nickname Bug.

Sad heartbreaking day. As any pet parent knows, the last days are the worst. Our pets trust us to make sure they never suffer, that is the very least we can do for the many years of love and loyalty they provide us.

RIP sweet Bug.

From: Susan Turner
McFarland, WI