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Hook always got in the last word

On September 21, 2017, we said goodbye to Hook, who had been a very important member of our family for just a little over 20 years. As a tiny kitten, she wandered LOUDLY into my life one day, and immediately took charge. Ever since that day, I’ve been her faithful servant and was never allowed to sleep past 7am ever again.

We named her Hook, after discovering that the bone of her very furry tail, actually had a hook at the end of it.

Hook had a long life filled with many joyful memories. She was well renowned for her superior super powers of “Laser Hiss Attack,” and winning races in the backyard with our kids. She was very vocal and always expressed her opinion. Hookie always got in the last word!

I will miss her sitting on the sofa and staring at me as I worked or watched TV. I will even miss those loud, persistent 4am wake-up calls.

From: Patricia Rohn
Cottage Grove, WI