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Iggy, you brought so much happiness to our family. We miss you so much. The house is much too quiet with out you.

I miss hearing you walking around at night, checking on each of us as we slept, you always made sure we were safe. I miss you barking at every person, car, and leave that passed by the house. I miss your loving tolerance for the young lady who smothered you with hugs and kisses even when, perhaps, you would have preferred a little less lovin’. I miss the adoration your face showed when the young man who won that young ladie’s heart made sure he said goodnight to you before going home at night. I miss the gentle love you showed the young boy, who was afraid of dogs but learned to love you unconditionally Together we watched these three young folks grow into a loving and responsible adults who would do anything to make sure you were comfortable and happy. You knew right away the first day you came to live with us whose heart to win simply by giving daddy all your attention on our first ride home. You created a bond that will be strong long after all of us have crossed the Rainbow Bridge together. He misses you so much and always will.

You touched the lives of our extended family too, Grandparents who considered you one of the grandkids, Aunts, Uncles and cousins who always enjoyed spending time with you. Friends, who were more like family with furbabies of their own and your playmates. You loved our time at the lake, the boat rides and golf cart rides and walks around the campground. I’ll miss gopher hunting with you, we never did catch one but we sure had fun finding lots of gopher holes to sniff. I miss you just laying by our feet when we watched TV at night. I even miss you “helping” me with the laundry when you jumped up on the bed. Funny how it always ended up on the floor unfolded, you just couldn’t stand neatly folded cloths on the bed. I’ll miss sharing my snacks with you, ice cream was your favorite. I remember when we had to spell the words “Grandma” or “Lake” because if you heard it, you thought we were going there and you wanted to make sure you were going too. I remember taking pictures for prom, or confirmation, you always wanted to make sure you were in the picture. You knew you were part of our family.

I dread going home to an empty house, it was always so nice when you greeted me at the door after a long day, your happy smiling face would help me forget my troubles of the day. I could always talk to you and you seemed to understand what I was saying and feeling.

The days at home are long and quiet now, I can still hear your tags jingling as you get a drink from the bowl that is no longer in its place on the floor. I can still see you sleeping peacefully on the rug that used to be near the warmth of the fireplace, that was your rug, too painful to see empty and put away for now. I know time will help us heal, we will be able to look at your pictures and again and laugh at the memories. Right now every memory is too painful for us. My arms ache for not holding you.

You will always have a special place in my heart. I miss you so much every day, I miss our routine that is no longer part of my day. Don’t ever forget that Mommy loves you and we will be together again some day.

From: Renee Mickelson