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In Loving Memory of Jack Lapotka

Jack was born on 2002 and adopted by us on 2012, a week or so shy of his 10th birthday. He was an absolute delight and loving addition to our family from day one! He was so caring, super devoted (his greatest joy – other than eating!! – was being with us and he was at his very happiest when both Dave and I were home together with him). He slept “attached” to my side every night, and sat “attached” to Dave’s side on the couch. He was our greatest protector and the most loyal and trusting dog ever.

He loved to ride in the car, loved to go swimming (wading in the water along the shoreline), “nummy time”, going through drive-up windows anywhere that offered doggie treats, and sharing a McDonald’s vanilla ice cream cone with his mom and dad. Jack was one of the few (that I’ve known) dachshunds that didn’t mind the rain or the snow. He just plodded right through it all in his nice, warm winter coat and headband that I knitted for him or in his cute little bright yellow rain coat – he even left the hood up!!

Jack was absolutely my (Deb) best friend – 4 legged one! He was my confidant – he listened intently to every word I said to him and I swear that he understood it all. He was my “nurse” when I was not feeling well, when we were sharing good times he wagged his cute little tail non-stop, and when I was sad he licked the tears from my face. He was SOOOO LOVED and will be missed more than words could ever express.

PLEASE don’t ever hesitate to adopt a senior animal. They will bring so much love and joy to your lives as you will to them in their final years. We only had 3 years and almost 10 months with our sweet boy Jack, but they were indeed some of the most wonderful years/months of our lives and knowing that we were able to extend his life by whatever amount of time it ended up being, made us sooooo happy and grateful too.

And finally – PLEASE!! always treat your furry family members with kindness, love and respect. Remember that YOU chose them to come live with you!!

With the assistance of Dr. Katie Hilst, we were able to let go of Jack at home, on his orthopedic pad on the couch with his human mom and dad, cat sister Zoie and bird sisters Skye and Ivy all surrounding him.

Jack… you were loved more than you will ever know and you will live on in our memories and hearts forever!! Hugs and kisses from Mom, Dad, Zoie, Skye and Ivy.