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It’s My Calling

“Doesn’t this bother you?”

These are some of the comments I get from friends and acquaintances. Why did I choose to offer Home Euthanasia Services exclusively? When I started my housecall business I did not envision offering home euthanasia exclusively, but knew I would “have to” offer those services as part and parcel of a home visit veterinary practice. I looked on it as other veterinarians do, as sad but necessary.

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  • Over the years as I have been called for euthanasia I realize it is the way I can most help and serve pets and their families. I have been told I have a special gift of making people comfortable with their grief in losing a pet.
  • Over the years I have worked on a 2-step protocol to make the pets I serve pass peacefully.
  • Over the years I have come to know that all pets should leave their life in familiar, comfortable surroundings with the family they love at their side.
  • Over the years I have come to know that the final moments of a pet’s life are precious and the family deserves to spend those moments with their pet privately without the curious glances of strangers wondering what is going on.
  • Over the years I have learned how to communicate with families about their grief, guilt, and profound sense of loss in losing a pet.


I have become a strong advocate of home euthanasia for all these reasons, and have made it my life’s calling.

I feel it is both a privilege and an
honor to help pet families with
A Final Act of Caring“.