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Izzy Belle was a sweet, gentle girl and a Lhasa Apso. We knew we had to have her join our family when we saw an ad and discovered she was born on our 10th wedding anniversary.

She was cared for and loved a lot and lived a long life enjoying walks, sticking her head out the car window and basically ANY kind of food.

In the last years of her life, she faced many medical hardships including oral cancer. The cancer was removed in August, but came back recently worse than ever and rather than have her suffer more, we made the decision for her sake to put her to sleep.

Dr. Laura came to our house yesterday and was kind and caring and explained everything in detail. Izzy wasn’t scared. She went peacefully on the same couch she’s slept on often for 14 years with our family and other pets lovingly around her. She is at peace and in pain no more.

We love our regular vet, but we will NEVER put another animal down at a vet’s office. Having this done at our home was the best solution for all, especially Izzy.

Thank you SO MUCH Journey’s Home for making a hard day a little easier.

From: Tim & Dawn Roberts
Janesville, WI