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We greatly miss our 17 1/2 year old cat Kalahari, whose passing was assisted by Dr. Katie this past Saturday 1/17/15. Kalahari was a petite elderly girl who had a large presence in our home despite her lifelong small size. She had been with us since she was a 3 month old kitten. Kalahari had been to all appearances a healthy, happy senior kitty only three weeks earlier. That has made our sense of loss even greater, since it was so unexpected and we had worked so hard to help her the past two weeks. Sadly, although she got better for about 10 days, her condition then deteriorated again and Kalahari was not able to get well. We knew it was time on Saturday when we saw Kalahari in pain and respiratory distress that her medications did not relieve.

But more about who Kalahari was: We still tell a story about Kalahari’s visit to the fairies years ago! When Kalahari was a young cat, a child visitor to our home accidentally left a door open, and Kalahari wandered out and got lost. It was Midsummer Night, as in the Shakespeare play with the fairies. We were very upset, could not find her, and finally went to bed very sad. A few hours later, my daughter heard Kalahari’s “meeping” sound under a bedroom window, and were able to get her and bring her back in. Kalahari had a small piece of a flowering vine draped over her head when we found her, like a fairy garland. After that, we always said that Kalahari had gone to visit the fairies on Midsummer Night.She was like a little sprite herself.

We are deeply appreciative of Dr. Katie’s compassionate assistance. She helped Kalahari to die with dignity and as much comfort as possible. We truly feel that she honored Kalahari as a purr-son, our human family, and Kalahari’s companion cat Phantom. I have lost pets before, and this was by far the most gracious passing I have ever experienced with a pet, despite the sad circumstances. I would recommend Dr. Katie’s services to anyone.

From: Debra Myrbo