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I wasn’t there with you at birth but as fate would have it a few years later we would meet. You stuck your pretty little face through the bars of your cage as if to say “pick me” I was sold and you were adopted. The ladies bid you farewell and congratulated you on finding your forever home. You captured my heart that day and never let it go.

You taught me so much about life, love and tenacity. Your dance and butt wag when you’d see me would brighten my days. The cuddles and 3 mile runs we shared were invaluable. You truly brought me profound joy.

That joy turned to sadness as I held you and felt your heart take its final beat. Today you took the journey to your true forever home. I can only hope that when it’s my time to walk the streets of gold you’ll be there to walk beside me.

Luca girl, I miss you more than anything. No one has ever been so loyal. Know that I will love you until my last day!

From: Janine Brunson
Laurel, MD