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In her long life of over 15 years, Lucy overcame so many things: abandonment as a puppy; getting shot in the chest with shotgun pellets while a stray; surgeries and complicated rehabs for a luxating patella and a badly herniated cervical disk. Yet she stayed cheerful and loving.

What she could not overcome was old age. As she became reluctant to eat, grew confused and anxious, and had more and more difficulty moving around, we made the painful decision that all pet lovers know and dread.

Thanks to Dr. Heide Meier and the staff at Truesdell Animal Hospital for taking such good care of Lucy during her life and to Journeys Home for making her end as gentle as possible. And to all her friends, thanks for making her life so good. You knew by the smile on her face she was always happy to see you.

From: Helene Androski and Larry Gray
Madison, WI