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Magarnagle was one of those cats that made you work for her love. If you weren’t her mama, it would take a lot of time and patience for her to willingly come cuddle you… But that’s probably because mama always took all the cuddles and love she had to give.

I remember once that she and I were snuggling each other in our own special way, and the man I was seeing at the time tried to insert his face between us so that he could kiss me. Magarnagle immediately stopped purring. Her paw came up to his face almost instantly, and while she didn’t scratch him, she did threateningly extend her claws into his cheek. No one came between us. No one.

Magarnagle hated a lot of people but she didn’t hate me. I was her person and she was my baby. We had a bond that I’ve never experienced with any other animal. I swear, I’d sometimes forget she was just a cat until she’d randomly slide her butt across the floor for an itch, haha.

She really did and still does mean the world to me. Losing her was devastating, but 16 years of being extremely loved and spoiled isn’t such a bad run. If love could’ve kept her going she really would have lived forever.

Always missed. Never forgotten.

From: Crystal
Janesville, WI