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Mama Cat

Mama cat came to me on November 30th, 2012 at the age of 18. She spent the next year and 8 days in our home and our hearts. She was a sweet, gentle kitty that was always up for petting, snuggling, and eating. She could quickly dash to her food bowl if someone was approaching the general vicinity of her bowl, even if they had no intention of feeding her. These mad dashes were her main form of exercise. She enjoyed spending time on our laps, and would request assistance getting there by putting her front paws on our legs, and patiently waiting to be picked up. She could stay in that position for several minutes, if the person was not cooperating with her plans. Her deafness did not get in the way of her communicating with us. She was capable of silent meows, which were occasionally startlingly loud, but since she could not hear them, she did not care. She saw a mouse once, and must have been an experienced mouser in her earlier life, she made a mad dash for the mouse, but alas, he had a big head start and got away. The last few days of her life, she was slowing down, no longer dashing quickly to be fed, and not eating her full meal. Her body gave out on Sunday December 8th, and after my kids called me home saying she couldn’t get up, she took her last breath with me by her side, tears flowing, telling her she was beautiful, and to go be free.

Mama cat, thank you for your sweetness and love for 373 days.

From: Katie Hilst