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I adopted my best friend at 10 years of age. He loved to go on hikes, road trips, visit his three girlfriends, his brother (my horse Clyde) and most of all he loved to visit his Grandma (my mom). He was the neighborhood dog. Marty always loved to meet new people and make new friends.

He started to have some problems with walking so he was put on meds and did great. He was eating like a pig and still wanted to go out in the car, go hiking and visit his three girlfriends On Aug.19, I took him out for a walk and he was all over, going sideways, tripping. Got him back inside. I called his vet and I took him in. Dr. Bob, who after seeing him just a week ago said it wasn’t his time, looked at him and said that he couldn’t believe what was happening. He said that I could wait, but it wouldn’t be fair to Marty.

The last pictures I took of my boy showed him very happy, almost smiling. He was normally not like that at the vet. It was if he knew he wouldn’t be in pain anymore. I believe that he was trying to make me happy. I lost my beloved Marty, but I know that I will see him again. He is now with his grandma and grandpa and his friends and he is now chasing his football, the squirrels and the deer. I know one day I will see him again when he meets me with my family at the Rainbow Bridge. I love you buddy.

From: Corine Gentile
Laurel, MD