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Miss Kitty

How do you let go of something so beautiful? Miss Kitty passed away Saturday, June 6th, 2015 after an unexpected battle with cancer. Miss Kitty came to live with us after losing both of her first set of human parents, Dan & Bert Juckett. Eight months ago, we got a phone call letting us know that Bert had passed away & would we fulfill her wish of us taking in her cat, Miss Kitty. We didn’t see how we could fit another cat into our full house of previous rescues. Since Dan & Bert were dear friends and we had always adored Miss Kitty, we knew she deserved the best and tried to find her a wonderful home within our circle of friends. Our attempts to re-home her were unsuccessful. We knew we could not live with ourselves if she were to end up in a stranger’s home or worse… so we made room for this ”lovely lady” (that was what we called her and she truly was) in our full house.

When we brought Miss Kitty to live with us, we wondered which of our men cats would be the first one to fall in love with her. Louie was our first choice as he is sweet and sensitive but Moonbear was smitten with her. He would lie in the hallway outside her room flirting with her and leaving gifts (toys) outside her door. They would watch each other through the screen door.

Who should I choose? Miss Kitty deciding on love

Eventually he won her over and she would allow him to nap close by. Miss Kitty had a husband and Moon had a wife. Miss Kitty made a beautiful bride since she was all white and Moon made a handsome groom in his tuxedo.

Being the only girl had its advantages, she loved bossing the men around the kitchen at meal times. Her boundaries were always clear.

Miss Kitty was a sweet and gentle soul with the most beautiful blue eyes. Even though she lived with us for a short time, we loved her with all our hearts and enjoyed getting to know her better. As this love story has come to an end, good-bye our beautiful angel, we all miss you.

From: Sheila Williams