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Memories of Molly McKitty

We’d like to think that Molly Magoobah Bagoobah McKitty was born sometime in 1999, and that she is the real reason for that moving ballad performed by the Artist Formerly Known As Prince, and that she is the Party Messiah.

Molly entered Jenny’s life in 2004 – wait, no – Jenny invaded Molly’s personal space back in 2004 when she agreed to cat-sit to her then-boyfriend’s two feline roommates while he was away: Bobby and Molly. Bobby was a frail old boy, in his senior years while Molly had the energy of any 5-year-oldish cat. Jenny sat down with Bobby on her lap, while Molly sat quietly and primly to the side. And then Molly pawed Jenny’s arm for attention. It was love at first paw.

Bobby was struggling to keep up with Molly’s antics (read: Molly’s scaring the literal crap out of him), and soon needed the sole attention of his human as he finished up his time on this planet. Jenny was then asked if she could adopt Molly, and within a matter of days Jenny and Molly shared the best bachelorette pad on South Park Street that Jenny’s meager income could afford.

Since then, Molly has witnessed:

  • A few break-ups
  • A few hook-ups
  • The String Incident of 2004
  • 2 lock-outs
  • Friendsgiving
  • O’Hare Airport
  • A very comfy recliner
  • Jenny’s second-degree burning
  • Suction-cup window bird feeder wonderment
  • 3 apartments
  • Ron’s really bad olive oil idea
  • The sunny balcony
  • 1 house
  • Grass
  • 1 marriage
  • A basement

We will miss this bright star in our sky. We imagine that if Prince were still alive today, he would pen another ode to 2017 and to the feline Party Messiah. Because Molly is exiting this physical world the same way she came about: a party animal.

From: Jen Russo