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I brought Murphy home as a foster pet, from the ASPCA, on April 20, 2017. He was a great companion. I was in a life crisis at the time and Murphy was very soothing. Murphy was a former street cat and had been bounced from shelter to shelter. After the foster term ended, I formally adopted him. Murphy was with me for 3.8 years.

Murphy developed diabetes, heart murmur, pancreatitis, enlarged liver, kidney failure and other. Right after Christmas 2020, Murphy became severely ill. He began vomiting excessively and became so weak, he couldn’t eat and strained to drink water. I found an Emergency Animal Hospital and I brought Murphy there. He stayed the night. The next day, the hospital called me. They were optimistic. Then, that afternoon, I got the dreaded phone call. The received Murphy’s test results, which weren’t good. The hospital told me Murphy had multiple organ failures. They told me if they did EVERYTHING possible for Murphy, the best case scenario would be, he would last only a few more months. Neither I, nor my son, could sleep that night.

The next morning, my son and I went to the hospital. When Murphy was brought out to us, in a private room, we held him and cuddled with him, told him how much we love him. We spent the next two hours, saying our goodbyes. When it was time to end Murphy’s pain, I held him while the doctor first administered the sleep medication. I told Murphy I was releasing him back to God and it was ok to let go. Then the euthanasia medication was administered. The doctor was extremely gentle. The doctor then checked Murphy’s heart and confirmed his demise. I then said a heart-felt prayer, asking God to take good care of him.

It has been four days since Murphy died. Our home is quiet and has a lonely feeling. My son and I are still grieving, but slowly beginning to heal. It will be rough for a while, but I have faith that Murphy is in God’s care now and he will never suffer again. I look forward to our reunion with Murphy and never again, having to say “Goodbye”

From: Peggy Malecki
Brooklyn, NY