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My Precious P K (porch kitty)

PK was a beautiful Tortoiseshell with deep golden yellow eyes and her coat was short but thick and made up of the most stunning assortment of earthy browns, blacks, creams and golden colors. She couldn’t meow but had a very distinct gruff kind of grunt instead.

I’ve had cats throughout my lifetime and honestly I can say that PK connected with me in ways that no other cat or animal ever has. It was as if there was a familiarity between us like kindred spirits even more so like what people describe to be a spiritual connection. I know people say that animals don’t possess spirits but I disagree because she was not only special as far as her looks and personality, she was able to communicate with me on levels that I can only describe as would a heavenly being or an old soul. I had an uncle that was sick with cancer and I had been close to him my whole life. We were very close in age and we felt more like brother and sister, but while he was undergoing all of his treatment, he stayed at my house for several weeks and came to know PK and fell totally in love with her but also felt the special bond and spiritual connection with her. Several months later my uncle who was my lifetime best friend passed away and my world was forever changed. My PK kept me comforted and assured that my uncle was near and connected in spirit even at times I could feel his presence. There was an indescribable feeling of all will be alright and to not despair when she was near me.

A friend of mine several years later moved in with me to help her get back on her feet after her job loss. I had taken in 5 cats over a period of 4-5 years where I once lived and in a more private wooded area before she stayed with me in my new home which was located in a rural subdivision in town.I did not want the cats to go outside the house due to dangers of cars, other animals and people, but this day she opened the door and let my baby out thinking that it was ok. After she told me she had let her out when I got home a couple of hours had already passed. I was in a panic like I’ve never experienced and called and called for her in which she would have come running immediately when she heard me in the past. Still no PK, I drove and walked the entire neighborhood calling to her and praying to God that she would be safe and unharmed, but after feeling so distressed and tired I went back home and just moved the couch in front of the glass doors to the back yard and waited with my flashlight and my heart in my stomach for her to appear at the door. When daylight came I got up dressed and out again, still no sign of her. At the time I had a gentleman that rented a room in my home and he and my friend had also searched a great portion of that night as well.

Why I never looked where he found her, I’ll never forgive myself for! Why couldn’t’t I have looked or even heard her? If I only would have just been there in time! What happened is hard for me to even type into words, but my baby had been struggling God only knows how long caught by her little leg in the wooden fence and just couldn’t free herself! Oh dear God!!! I can’t explain to you how my heart still hurts as if it were just yesterday! Will it ever not hurt so bad? Will I ever forgive myself for not being there in time to find and save her? I to this day still resent in my heart my friend for letting her out! Can someone please tell me why I still morn my PK today as if it was just yesterday??? I want to dedicate with all of my heart her story and her beautiful spirit into this life and into many hearts while she was in my life. The precious adorable kitty that came out of no where and found my front porch and let out that grunting, squeezed out gruff meow (minus the m) letting me know that she was to be mine and I hers and she was home. My heart has never felt such a love for any living creature of God’s creation as I did and always will feel for my sweet precious PK… God sent his little Angel to me to show me love that could only come from heaven and then he took her back I think because angels are not meant to be bound to earth but for only a short while. Bless you my Angel PK.

From: Jan Bradshaw