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Oh..dawg-friends, my person and friends lit a candle last night for
one of my furry Dawg-friends back in the Midwest..

Dawg-friend slowed down and passed to the open land with no fences
where Dawg -friend can chase Frisbees without stopping, grab
chocolates and pure butter off the counter when the master cook in the
kitchen is not looking…and Dawg Friend never ever looked as though
she had done it… Dawg friend had a wonderful dawg life, 14 years
with the same family friends who loved her so, so much…. living each
day for a new walk, a new squirrrel, a new treat, another scritch
under the chin, Loved those scritches…..there were never enough .
Dawg-friend was always there for mom person every single morning,
waiting patiently for that walk, or that scritch, and always just
happy to be with love all around. …and Dawg-friend had the softest
velvet ears of any Labrador friend this side of the line……
Dawg-friend had so much in her heart…new friends, dawgs and people,
Dawg-friend loved eveyone, no matter the tone of person’s voice,
Dawg-friend lived more than one-half of one best person’s friend’s
life, 14 years of that best person’s life…that person friend would
just lie down with Dawg-friend, and put his head on Dawg-friend’s
tummy for a good long time and make Dawg-friend feel just so
happy…to have that love from one person friend to Dawg-friend.
Dawg-friend swam in lakes, skiied the woods, chased cows, read books,
ate chocolate, ran till Dawg-friend dropped and would start all over
again. She had her own adventure truck too. She went everywhere in that truck. She could pretty much drive and knew where all the best trailheads were. Dawg-friend loved every single day of her life to the absolute
best….never looking back, always looking for the next adventure and
for new people to love, but most of all she loved her people who
raised her from a pup and loved her until she decided she had to go to
where there are treats all the time, and she can watch over her family
friends with her eyebrows lifting for each tilt of
conversation….Dawg-Friend…I howled for you and all the dawg
friends who have left their people friends way too early.
Dawg-friend, I will miss you, but you’re awatching an awaiting for the
next adventure. Dawg-friend’s corner is empty in Dawg-friend’s house,
and Dawg-friend’s house is quiet and sad, but my Dawg-friend is
twitching her eyebrows and telling her people friends not to be too
sad because she had the best dawg-gone life a dawg can have with such
love…..Dawg-friend is chasing those rabbits and squirrels and
catching the Frisbees…….!! We love you DAWG FRIEND. We miss you
Dawg-friend. Thank you Dawg-friend for bringing joy and love to all
who knew you. Howl……..Your Dawg Friends and People Friends who
miss you.

Silouette of dog, rocks, outdoor person

With permission from: Ace Kvale, Desert Dawg Adventure Blog