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Paige was a 9 year old golden retriever who passed away on April 22, 2018 with the compassionate care of Dr. Christine. We’d had Paige since she was a puppy. Paige had a difficult birth where many of her siblings died. We think it was her desire to live that helped her survive the traumatic birth. That same desire though also meant a lot of energy and over-the-top exuberance in her puppyhood, but then over the years she grew into a sweet, cuddly, affectionate golden. She had a strong sense of pack mentality and was never happy unless my husband and I were with her. She lived with so much joy, delight and gusto for life that we now have on our dining room table a picture of her along with “Notes from Paige” to remind us of how to live our lives.

One funny thing about Paige is that she learned pretty quickly that sometimes in the evenings we like to go to Culver’s drive-through to get an ice cream treat and then we come home and she gets a dog treat or bone. She of course would come along in the car ride to Culver’s. You can imagine what pattern developed: evening after evening, Paige would encourage all of us to go to Culver’s so that she could get her treat too! (Thankfully, we have cold winters so there were far fewer trips to Culver’s then, but she’d still get her treat.)

From: Judy Nolde and Ken Smith,
Madison, WI