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Piglett was the sweetest tortoiseshell girl. She was “given” to our daughter when she turned 18, quickly became a bonded member of our human and animal family. When my daughter move out, she elected to leave Piglett with us and her only family she had known. Twelve years later, and a last hard year of cancer we let her go to be with her animal family members that had gone before her.

Piglett was known for shenanigans of hoarding small trinkets, bottle caps, twist-ties, hair bands, earrings, watches… and hide them under corners of rugs. We have found many and racked our brains wonder where we put things.

Thanks Piggie-Pie. Beautiful cat shared her beautiful life with us. We are blessed.

We would like to say a special thank you to Kit. Holding our hand to walk through one of the most difficult times, a journey led by someone that truly has a passion for helping not only animals but people too.

From: Sue
McFarland, WI