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We lost our sweet boy, Quinn, on the afternoon of December 4th. It was very unexpected but we cherish the 10 years we had with him. He was 10 months old when he came to us and was only supposed to be a foster but I knew right away that he had found his forever home with us. The first night he was with us, I snuck him into my room to sleep on my bed with me (which was definitely not allowed) and that was where he slept every night for the next 10 years. He saw me through middle school, high school, and college, waiting patiently for me to come home every few months.

The name Quinn means “wise” in Gaelic which is exactly what he was, a wise old soul. He was our protector and our shadow, always following us wherever we went. He was patient and gentle, especially when his sister, Shaylee, would steal every single toy he was playing with. He was all around a good boy with the happiest soul who loved his family.

His last day was the hardest day of loving him but we will always remember him and the joy he brought to our lives every single day.

From: Riley
Madison, WI