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Ranger came into our lives as a warm, furry cuddly puppy in May of 2003. My son, James picked him out of the litter, and after a quick health check up by Mom, he was taken home. He had a happy life, running in the yard, playing with kids, occasionally chasing a chicken. He was always ready to say hello to a new friend, and was happiest when he was being petted. Countless times I would go up the long staircase to get James, and Ranger would always be standing at the top of the staircase, looking down, wagging his tail, bouncing from one front foot to the other, so excited to greet me and just get a few pats on the head (or belly, or back)!

Ranger, we will miss your sunny disposition, soulful brown eyes, and loving nature (unless you are a chicken).

Love you,
Katie Hilst

Ranger 5/2003- 12/2012