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I adopted Risqui in June of 2013. I had a male rat terrier named Ruckus who really needed a buddy. They played like crazy the couple of times we met up with her previous family before I adopted her, and then once she came home, they never really played again. I always assumed there was no connection there, but when Risqui became sick and was unable to move, Ruckus rarely left her side. I understand now that they had the kind of love that grows from constant companionship. They were always together, and I think they truly cherished the time they spent together.


It was awful letting her go, but I knew it was what I needed to do. I promise all of my dogs and cats that I will always put them first. I will be their best advocate, and I will not be selfish if it will cause them any kind of distress.


I said goodbye to Risqui with her wrapped in my arms on a blanket in my front yard. Thank you for making that possible. She got to be my baby spoon one more time, and I am so glad I could hold her and whisper to her as she slipped away. I swear the sun shined brighter right when she left us, and I know she is now at peace.

No dog should have to leave this earth at age seven, but I am glad she knew she was loved. I tried to say goodbye before she lost her dignity, and I hope it was soon enough for her.

I love you forever my Risqui-Roo! Thank you for teaching me so many lessons. I’ll do my best to always honor what I learned while sharing my life with yours. Thank you for your heart and your devotion. You were an amazing and beautiful little girl.

From: Meghan
Madison, WI