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The past couple weeks have been difficult, as I have been saying goodbye to my best friend Rufus. Today was the worst, as I said my final goodbye to my sweet kitty. Rufus joined my family in 2009, as a rescue kitty from Friends of Ferals, which is now known at the Madison Cat Project. He came home after Auntie Candie and I picked him up at a home that had 14 other cats living with an older woman who volunteered for the organization. Rufus took a LONG time to warm up to really being my kitty. It was only after a very long hospitalization in 2010, when I was in the ICU for more than a month that he decided I was HIS.

I will never forget his reaction to seeing me walk through the door after being gone for so long. Rufus looked me dead in the eyes and said “MEEEEEEOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!!” Like “where the hell have you been???!!!” From that day forward, he chose me. He had been by my side ever since. He’s been the best friend a girl could ask for. He took care of me when I was not well either physically or mentally. He made me laugh with his quirky personality. And he offered me so many years of comfort, gentleness, kindness, and love.

Rufus made my life less lonely, and was genuinely one of the best kitties I’ve ever been graced with. I know nobody who truly adores their fur babies is ever ready to let go, I know I wasn’t… but I feel proud that I was able to do what was the best for my sweet boy. Today has been the worst. I’ve been second guessing myself for a few weeks and even today. I am so incredibly grateful for Dr. Megan Wehrwein at Journeys Home https://journeyspet.com/ She helped me to make this final decision. She created a container for Rufus and I (and auntie Candie) to give him love as he passed.

This is the third time I have had help of the Veterinarians at Journey Home, and I can honestly say that this entire team is amazing. I miss my Rufus so much already, and my heart is in a million pieces. I am looking forward to brighter days when I can remember him and smile, for right now, I”m okay with the deep sadness I will carry.

From: Mandi M. Miller
Location: Madison, WI