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Rupert Montgomery Pupkin

To My Dear Beloved Baby Rupert,
You left this earth way too soon. You were poisoned and I was helpless to do anything except make your last month as comfortable for you as possible. I could not have loved you anymore than I did. I still want to take you in my arms and kiss and hug you forever. You were the love, the light and joy of my life. My heart is smashed in a million pieces and I will never be the same.💔

You were a living angel. You were a happy little boy so full of love and life. You were a Prince from the day I got you and you were given the life of a Prince. We barely spent a moment or two apart you were my constant companion. I could not have had a better one. Please always remember the special love we had my angel.

One day I will avenge your death.

From: Sali
Vermont, WI