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Sadie Borchert

Sadie “Sadester” Borchert, age 15ish

Born 2005, died 7/22/21

Sadie crossed the rainbow bridge after a short battle with epilepsy with her loving mother by her side. She enjoyed activities that made her last few days the “BEST DAY EVER!” with delicious cheeseburgers, a ride in the car with her face out the window, and a nice walk around the backyard to sniff for squirrels and rabbits. As her eyes closed, she was silently thankful to be relieved from her burdened body.

As a pup, Sadie lived with a family that had 2 adults, 4 kids, 2 dogs, and 2 cats. When that family moved across the country, Sadie was lucky to find her happy furever home at age 4 with the help of WI Adopt A Golden Retriever (WAAGR) dog rescue. While she was only intended to be a foster, her mom could not stand to let her go to another home and “failed” at fostering. The day she arrived was Halloween and she barked at every.single.person who was out trick-or-treating and Mom thought she made a grave mistake though she redeemed herself quickly! Sadie knew many, many commands and was very well-trained with her first family.

She spent most of her life playing with her canine brother, McLovin. Sadie was the brains of the outfit, and McLovin the brawn. Together they had many adventures including stealing tuna cans the neighbors put out to feed their chickens and collecting a dead rabbit under the stairs.

Sadie loved the water and taught McLovin how to swim. As for bath time, that’s another story. She excelled at obedience classes and earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen certification in 2011. She loved to look out the bay window and bark at the people passing by on the bike path. She was a fantastic watchdog, always alert to potential intruders, but then would welcome people in and show them where the valuables were kept! Sadie earned the title of “Fun Police” by making sure all the other dogs stayed in their lane. She was an excellent border patrol agent with a knack for finding any breaches during her perimeter checks along the fence line.

Cheeseburgers were her favorite thing in the entire world, which says a lot because she loved her tennis balls. She once sniffed out a tennis ball at the dog park buried under 3 feet of snow, dug it out, and demanded for it to be thrown.

As she aged, her hearing started to go. Oddly enough, she could still hear the words walk and treat. What a mystery! She was fiercely independent and still managed to love every human she ever met. As the days and years came and went, the walks got shorter and slower but 7:00 PM could not pass without Sadie cocking her head to the side and starting intently at her leash.

Sadie is just about as perfect as they come and will be sorely missed. She was well loved and brought so much joy to those who knew her. Sadie proves beyond a doubt that rescue dogs are good dogs and a big thanks to WAAGR is in order. If you’re moved to do so, please consider donating to a rescue in Sadie’s honor. Sadie’s family would like to thank Countryside Animal Clinic where she received veterinary care for the last 11 years and Journeys Home Pet Euthanasia service for helping Sadie pass comfortably at home.

Rest in heavenly peace Sadie Sadie Old Lady.

From: Diana Borchert
Sun Prairie, WI