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We rescued Sammy when he was 3 years old. Little did we know, he was there to rescue us. Sammy was a true golden boy, filled with love and cuddles. My husband was working at a retirement community and took Sammy along for a day. The activity coordinator asked if Sammy could come inside to meet a group of residence sitting in a circle. Sam went from person to person, taking time to receive pets from each one. He then went to a women who was sitting to the side in a lift chair. She started to talk to Sammy in a quiet voice. My husband came in to get Sammy and as he was talking to the activity coordinator, she paused-jaw open-and said “that woman hasn’t spoken in months”. It was Sammy’s quiet and loving nature that made people of all ages feel comfortable enough to be themselves. We will miss him so much. It hurts just to write this.

From: Liza
Madison, WI